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The Pros and Cons of Different Window Styles 


There are many different operating styles when it comes to offering your customers the right type of window, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of the most popular window styles: 


Double Hung Windows  

Double-hung windows are made by many manufacturers, so the selection is wide and you can find a good price. They are easy to open and close due to springs or weights. However, counterbalance springs can wear out or sash cords can break over time. These windows require occasional maintenance to keep them operating smoothly. They also have a wide opening, making them at higher risk for a break-in depending on what level of the infrastructure they are on.  


Casement Windows  

Casement windows are considered better when it comes to keeping out drafts due to the tight seal they provide, they also tend to leave a narrower space when open making them a secure option against intruders. On the other hand, when fully extended the layout of these windows creates a higher chance of strong winds or weather conditions causing damage or being broken off. Mechanical cranking mechanisms are subject to wear and have a high failure rate, and often casement windows do not qualify as egress unless they are very large.  


Slider Windows 

Slider Windows have no cranks or mechanisms, making them very durable. They are also often a cost-effective option due to their simple design. They are limited in size and shape, so they may not work for a more specialized space, and the tracks can require maintenance or cleaning from debris getting into them.  

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